Ron Jackson

Having played all over the world, with a successful recording career as a solo artist, and studied and taught at the best music schools in the world, Ron is now providing lessons for you on Music Muse Academy.

What is unique about Music Muse Academy?

Music Muse Academy has a special engine which provides you with "musical flashcards".

By learning a vocabulary of musical phrases, you train your:

Fretboard knowledge
Theory knowledge
Rhythmic skills
and you acquire phrases you can use straight away

In addition Music Muse Academy remembers what you have practiced, so you can review your practice schedule and fine tune it.

More about Ron Jackson

World Renowned Seven String Jazz Guitarist, composer and arranger, Ron Jackson has performed, recorded and taught music in over 30 countries. Ron has been featured as a leader in jazz festivals all over the world, including the North Sea Jazz Festival, Edinburgh Jazz Festival, and Winter Jazzfest.

Ron’s influences include George Benson, Pat Metheny, Jimmy Page, and Jimi Hendrix and has studied under the tutelage of Pat Martino, Barry Harris, Melvin Sparks, and the seven-string master, the late Bucky Pizzarelli.

Ron has also had a successful recording career. Beginning with the chart topping "Guitar Thing " (1991) Muse Records to his most recent release, Jazzweek 2019 Top 100 album, "Standards And Other Songs" Roni Music.

Ron is recording his new album due out Winter 2022, teaching as well as hosting his Instagram live based show "Sunday Evening Jazz with Ron Jackson".

Ron is very active on social Media, check him out here:

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Let's take a look at a few of the great features we have to help you make the most of your practice time.

Here is an overview of the academy, please check it out to see how it works.

Focus mode allows the user to really concentrate in on parts of an example. Learning a lick in chunks like this will really make it easier. Sometimes even learning a acouple of bars at a time is too much.

With focus mode you can learn the examples a bar, half a bar or even a beat at a time. Focus mode, like the rest of our site, works really well on mobile devices.

Record mode allows the user to record themselves on the website and listen back.

Recording yourself is a great way to improve quickly. When you play it is difficult to hear exactly you sound. With record mode you get immediate feedback and you can compare your playing with the example to ensure you are getting all of the subtleties.

Each musical style has it's own feel and attitude. Using Music Muse Academy you can really absorb details of a style quickly.

We have modules in many styles including blues, jazz, metal, rock and bluegrass.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can. "You can checkout any time you want, AND you can leave".

Our teachers are professionals who have a wide experience playing and teaching in the styles that they teach. It is important to us that the vocablulary you learn is authentic.

The feedback that we receive from our users is that with Music muse academy that practice is more enjoyable and more effective than other methods. This means you will learn faster than before.

Yes, we have material for all levels. You can search by level to find suitable lessons.

Currently we teach blues, jazz, rock, bluegrass and metal guitar.

Yes, many of our users use the site on their phone.

Making money is not our top priority, most of the subscription fee price goes straight back into the pockets of the artists who create the lessons.