"Music Muse Academy brings together students and educators, providing quality instruction for students and helping music artists and educators make a living."

Founder Of Music Muse Academy

Hi, I'm Mark, founder of Music Muse Academy. Welcome to the site.

The idea for the site comes from my own experience as an amateur guitarist. Many comparisons have been made between music and language so I decided to apply some of the principles of learning a language to learning music.

Each musical style has a different set of rules and the most natural way to learn these rules is to imitate, in the same way as you learn your first language.

Over time you can build up a collection of phrases that you can use and string together to make conversation in the language, and finally you have enough experience to construct your own phrases in that language.

Music Muse Academy lets you learn from musicians, who are fluent in a musical style. It provides you with a wealth of authentic musical examples to learn from, broken down into bite size phrases. As you build up your vocabulary you will find you can easily express yourself in the musical style of your choice.

If you have any questions about the site, just send me an email at the email address above and I'll get back to you!